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ARVA BIO vital® Fulfarge lysrør med tilsat UV komponenter tilsvarende dagslys. Finnes i T5, T8 og kompaktlysrør.

NARVA BIO vital®

Light can be very healthy

NARVA BIO vital®
For centuries we have known about the positive effects of sunlight on our physical and mental well-being. Compared with our ancestors, we are spending more and more time in rooms with artificial lighting. The symptoms of sunlight deficiency can range from headaches, poor concentration, fatigue, deteriorating eyesight, and weakening of the immune system, right up to disturbances of the vegetative nervous system and depression. 

Natural daylight - produced by the sun - is composed of ultraviolet and infrared elements, as well as visible light. The ultraviolet element is essential to our well-being. It has a stimulating and balancing effect on our metabolism, blood pressure and glands. UV radiation stimulates vitamin D synthesis, which is essential for healthy bone structure.

What is NARVA BIO vital®?

NARVA BIO vital® is artificial light which has almost exactly the same effect as natural sunlight. Unlike standard fluorescent lamps, the light from these lamps does not only operate in the visible area of the spectrum, it also includes the ultraviolet component in a similar proportion to that found in sunlight.
Children and young people are more efficient learners than anyone. Natural sunlight with its UV element is fundamental to the development of children and young people. That’s why the UV component in the spectrum of the NARVA BIO vital® range of lamps is so important.

Nurseries and schools

The UV component has an important effect on bone formation (vitamin D production) and helps to strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, the NARVA BIO vital range of lamps greatly facilitates colour vision.
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Auditoriums and lecture theatres

High quality lighting is an important factor in facilitating focussed, fatigue-free learning. The light from the lamps in the NARVA BIO vital range is similar to sunlight, and ensures high levels of concentration even over lengthy periods of time.
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What's good for human beings will also have a positive effect on the plants and animals which surround us. Optimal growth requires a light which has almost exactly the same spectral characteristics as natural sunlight.

Animal husbandry

In intensive animal farming, be it dairy cattle sheds, piggeries, or poultry sheds, the animals usually spend their whole lives under artificial light. The NARVA BIO vital range of lamps can compensate to a great extent for the deficiency in natural sunlight, and so improve the conditions in which the animals are kept.

Plant breeding and nurseries

The correct light is one of the main factors governing successful plant growth. The blue elements of the spectrum are particularly important in plant breeding. 
NARVA BIO vital lamps have a colour temperature of 5,800 K and fulfil this requirement perfectly.

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