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Akvarie belysning

Oceanic Light

Light can be very lively

NARVA Oceanic Light was developed so that we could see the diversity of underwater life in all its glorious colours, and be able to watch animals and plants in their natural environment. 

Oceanic Light

For freshwater aquariums

The colours of fish and plants are shown at their best through the full spectrum with a colour temperature of 5,000 K and a 1A colour reproduction level. The lamps’ full spectrum is very similar to sunlight and promotes plant growth, at the same time inhibiting the formation of algae.
Oceanic Light

Oceanic Flora

For freshwater aquariums

This specialist lamp has heightened red and blue components in the visible spectrum, so that the red, orange and blue tones of fish and plants are displayed to their best effect. These lamps also promote growth of aquarium plants.
Oceanic Flora

Oceanic Coral

For saltwater aquariums

The amplified blue spectral component enables zooxanthallae to survive and so promotes coral growth.
This combines well with the Oceanic Star lamp to create the ideal lighting for saltwater aquariums.
Oceanic coral

Oceanic Star

For fresh- and saltwater aquariums

The spectrum of this lamp is similar to that of sunlight and promotes plant growth, inhibits the formation of algae in freshwater and promotes the growth of corals in saltwater aquariums.
In combination with Oceanic Flora, Oceanic Light or Oceanic Coral it is possible to effect individual control of the lighting environment.
Oceanic Star


For terrariums

The special Reptilight lamp has a colour temperature of 6,500 K and a spectrum similar to sunlight, the equivalent of the light from the sun in a typical desert area.
With a component share of 4% UVB and 30% UVA radiation, the reptiles receive the optimal levels they need in order to synthesise vitamin D3.

With a 1A colour reproduction level, reptiles and plants can be seen in all their natural beauty.


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